Liv and her guest, Drew Bensen, scratch the surface of how impactful and pervasive labels are and how self-awareness can help you take your power back.


We live in a world obsessed with labels, and most of them with good reason. Labels help us identify all kinds of things: what’s safe, what’s not (obvious labels on food, cleaning products, construction sites), what we like, what we don’t (flavors, genres, activities), find our tribe (special interest communities like clubs, sports teams, LGBT), etc.

Labels help us make sense of a messy, complicated, dynamic world.

But sometimes the helpfulness gives people false permission to impose labels onto others beyond what’s “helpful.” It’s easy for labels to become weapons of oppression for those wielding them and prisons for those they target.

Either way, labels are important in our society and unavoidable. So, how do we avoid giving away our power when it comes to labels?

Meet Drew

SAM Podcast Guest Drew Bensen

Drew is an innate entrepreneur, public speaker, and inspirational coach. He is also a Transgender man and a fierce lover of human connection and positive living. He is certified “Infinite Possibilities- Thoughts become things” coach trained under Mike Dooley from ‘The Secret’. Drew launched his writing career in 2017 by coauthoring a book on positive minded people. He is currently living his most authentic life traveling full time in a Winnebago RV with his dog Ralphie.


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