Finally, my infamous mentor, Nisha Moodley joins me for an intriguing discussion about personal sovereignty and power!

Sovereignty is a leadership quality I learned about through Nisha’s program, Soul of Leadership, and HOLY GUACAMOLE is it powerful! It’s empowered me to have healthier boundaries at work and at home, show up in a more powerful way for my clients and loved ones, and has helped me recognize my own personal power.

As Nisha discusses the ways power has been distorted by society and its systems, she calls us back to true, authentic power — the kind that can’t be taken away and that truly sets us free. No matter which way you slice it, this conversation is important and has the ability to true catalyze a change in perspective.

Nisha is opening enrollment for her course, Soul of Leadership, is this month. I HIGHLY recommend it, not because I get paid or rewarded to (I don’t) but because I believe in it. It’s truly changed my life. You can learn more about that at and can connect with her at or on Instagram @nishamoodley.

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