Hi, friend!

This episode is special to me because it marks the release of my book, Get Your Joy On™: Unleash Joy In Your Life, One Small Action at a Time. Not only is this book my offering of love, wisdom, and courage to you, it’s a huge marker in my life’s journey for how far I’ve come.

The very first book I ever wrote came out of me from a place of deep shame and guilt (it’s a fiction book called In the Mind of Revenge if you’re curious). I was deeply depressed and stewing in a broth of self-loathing. I literally named my main character Shame because it’s all I could identify with. It’s where I was living, 24/7.

Now, 8 years later, I’m STOKED to share what I’ve learned with you. I’m grateful and humbled these lessons have shown up to heal me, and that I have the honor of sharing them with you.

I care deeply about making the world a place full of more love and joy than it is pain and suffering. I believe I can do that with and for YOU. I truly believe you and I, through self-awareness and practicing compassion, can create more change than we’d imagine.

So, please enjoy the first few chapters of the book!

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