What is the “good girl” problem? It’s a complicated construct that has all of us, especially women, stuck in a loop of “shoulds,” “supposed tos,” and arbitrary rules designed to keep us in line and quiet.

Being a “good girl” means following the rules and doing what society dictates is “right” or “appropriate.” Though there are some merits to societal conditioning, like encouraging people to share and use manners; however, the idea that these rules are required for someone to be worthy of love, attention, or happiness are problematic.

When these created constructs of who we “should be” go unquestioned, it leads to internal conflict, self-blame, self-hate, anger, and outward violence. When you try to force yourself into a box that was never designed for you, you better believe it’s going to cause some intense problems in your life.

Join me in my conversation with Kimberly Pendleton, PhD, all about the problem with the good girl construct and how this affects us all, not just women. You can find Kimberly at kimberlypendleton.com and on Instagram @uncoveredbykimberly.

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