Sex is such a prevalent conversation in society…or is it? Despite all the messaging we get about sex in school, from our parents, media, and social platforms, candidly speaking about our sexualities and sexual experiences is still taboo.

Hell, we’re still trying to dictate and control what people do with their own bodies, who they do it with, and how it’s done. What. The. F***? When will we agree to be authentic about how important a healthy relationship to sex is, no matter your orientation or preferences?

Let’s start now, with this episode! I sit down with a new friend, Kelsey Scotka, and candidly talk about all the ways in which bringing self-awareness to our sex lives has been a game changer. The biggest secret we uncover? Sex isn’t really just sex — it’s a full-body, whole-spirit experience that has enormous potential to teach you who you are, what you want, and how to advocate for yourself.

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