Liv interviews the founders of Ecstatic Hearts, Melanie and ScottieO McClure about what Tantra is and how they practice it in their own lives.

Sex is a complicated topic that affects all of us in one way or other. Whether we’re having it, not having it, doing right, enjoying it or not, the messaging about sex in our society is confusing at best.

So, how are those of us on self-awareness journeys to figure out sex and sexuality for ourselves?

To start, I took a look at the ancient Eastern practice of Tantra. Tantra is a combination of texts, techniques, rituals, monastic practices, meditation, yoga, and ideology estimated to originate in the 7th century. This deeply reverent practice was passed down from guru to disciple as a way for people to find Oneness within themselves and the Universe.

Listen to this episode to learn from the founders of Ecstatic Hearts, Melanie and ScottieO McClure, what Tantra is and how their practice has changed their lives for the better.

Trigger Warning: Though we do not discuss sexual trauma in any form, we are talking about sex which can be a deeply personal and (unfortunately) traumatic topic for some. If you are someone who is triggered by direct and open discussions about sex or sexuality, I do not recommend this episode for you, and send you lots of love in your journey.

Meet Melanie and ScottieO

Melanie and ScottieO McClureMelanie and ScottieO McClure are the founders and primary instructors and coaches of Ecstatic Hearts. Ecstatically married and practicing Tantra together for ten years, they have personally supported thousands of students manifesting their deepest desires, especially in their love lives with both wisdom of the ancients and modern self-evolvement techniques. They use retreats, playshops, one on one coaching, and online trainings to improve every aspect of their students’ lives, so they are truly living with juicy excitement.

They have an MBA and BBA, with backgrounds in business, teaching, personal development, massage, and dance. ScottieO is a best-selling co-author of “Passion: Living the Life You Love”, and featured in two films “The Answer to Everything” and “The Answer to Health”. Both were recently featured on the Learning Channel, Daily News, Men and Women’s Health and the New York Post. Their recent interviews in London and Germany have helped raise consciousness and connection of millions of people and their message of love continues to grow.

Want to connect with Melanie and ScottieO? Find them on their website, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Show Notes

  • What is Tantra? This is the article I read from at the beginning of the episode.
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