Liv interviews Diana Lane about the taboo of menstruation and how changing our perspective fosters self-awareness, great partnership, and self-love.

“Menstrual blood is the only source of blood that is not traumatically induced. Yet, in modern society, this is the most hidden blood, the one so rarely spoken of and almost never seen, except privately by women…” – Judy Grahn

Half the world has a menstrual cycle, yet this topic feels more like a shameful secret than a healthy body process. I speak with Holistic Health Expert, Diana Lane, about how that stigma started, why it’s detrimental to everyone (not just people with cycles), and how de-stigmatizing and connecting with this cycle fosters self-awareness and self-love.

Whether you have a cycle or not, this is a topic that affects all of our lives. It’s what makes procreation and human life possible. The disconnection from this part of who we are as individuals and as a whole causes deep, unconscious damage that we can heal by normalizing and honoring it.

Think about it: if we’re all ashamed of where we came from, if we can’t even talk about it, if we dishonor it, if we don’t recognize it’s one thing we all have in common, how can we truly know ourselves? How can we truly practice self-love?

Part of the journey toward authenticity is accepting and honoring where we come from. It shapes us all.

Listen to my interview with Diana Lane to learn how changing our relationship to menstruation (Sacred Sister Cycles) can inform and heal us all.

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00:23 Hello and welcome to self aware Millennial. The podcast for people seeking joyously authentic life. I'm your host live Hadden. And thank you so much for tuning into today's episode. We are going to be talking about menstrual cycles.

00:40 But before you change this because you're either completely uncomfortable with the topic you hate your menstrual cycle or you can't possibly understand what this has to do with you or self-awareness. Let me make a case for this. One. Whether you menstruate or not you absolutely know someone who does. If you are someone who does. We have been taught to be disconnected from this natural process in our bodies. We have been taught to find it disgusting to view it as a weakness and to see it in a light that I think is completely inappropriate and misappropriated. And I think it's important for everyone to start stigmatizing this about people with uteruses and for people who don't have uteruses to recognize that it's just a body process.

01:34 It's just like pooping it's just like peeing it's just like getting sick and then getting well it's just like healing a wound. It is just a natural body process and why this feels so important to me in the context of self awareness is one when we deny the ways that our bodies function and work whether it's they work really well or they don't.

01:56 We're in denial. I mean that's literally just said if you're in denial of how your body works you're in denial and denial is so far away from self awareness and the other thing to consider is we also want to be aware. Of community contexts and nuanced ways of interacting with people and if you have a story about what a menstrual cycle is that's going to be running in the background of your mind constantly and it's going to affect how you approach things how you deal with things how you handle people while they're on their cycles how you handle people when they're not on their cycles. All of it comes together and plays together really nicely and I actually think you're going to find this conversation that I have with Diane Lane is going to enlighten you on all the different ways that this comes into play especially if you're someone with a menstrual cycle. And then if you're not someone with one it will help you understand where that person is coming from.

02:54 It will help you destigmatize something that's supernatural and not to be scared of it and maybe dispel some of the myths around why you think it's gross or weird or shouldn't be talked about. Anyway we tie this into self-awareness really well we tied into social justice really well we tied into the larger context of where our society is right now where we're hoping to move and all of that really good stuff. So this is extremely extremely extremely relevant and I encourage you to listen to this episode.

03:28 Especially if you're looking to challenge yourself if you're looking to get outside of your comfort zone and this is something outside of that please listen. If this is something in your comfort zone and you got super stoked to see this on the list then please share this with everybody you know your enthusiasm will also help. We need to start breaking down some of these walls about who people are and how they work. Because it's not helping anybody at this point it's really just holding everybody back from being authentic and feeling joyful about that authenticity. So without further ado I'd love to introduce my guest Diane Lane Diana lane as a stress reduction specialist and holistic health expert a premed heart surgeon turned acupuncturist herbalist and reiki master with over 17 years of experience. She specializes in women's health specifically adrenal fatigue stress cycle issues insomnia and cosmetic acupuncture has a private practice in an integrative clinic in Austin Texas. Diana is the perfect blend of science and Wuhu incorporating spiritual acupuncture. Herbalism the esoteric arts body work nutritional counseling sound therapy and crystal healing into her multifaceted medical practice for her own sacred self care time. She enjoys outdoor adventures yoga and hosting community oriented meditation and movement experiences in a sacred space for transformation that creates social connections with her holistic healing event company called Moon medicine magic. I loved this conversation with Diana. She's extremely charismatic dynamic engaging she is wicked smart.

05:00 I cannot wait for her to do a TED talk. So please please please enjoy my conversation with Diane Lane.

05:08 Hi Diana thank you so much for speaking with me and to Sam listeners about the sacred cycle sisterhood. If you could just share a little bit about what that event is and maybe how you got to talking about and working with this kind of stuff of the awesome great live.

05:23 Thanks so much. So my name's Diane Lane. I'm a holistic health expert and stress reduction specialist help women who are struggling with the T P.A. and emotional disconnect that can help them.

05:35 The space for about 17 years. And believe it or not it started out as a premier heart surgeon. I was ready to go down that route. I wanted to save the world that went to heal hearts us totally in doing so beautiful heal heart. I had this play you know and I was really ready to go to the University of Washington with intentions of going to Stanford or Yale and just this mission to just be of service. And it got into cardiac rehab internship in undergrad and it was not long before I realized this was not the path for me. I mean people were getting worse not better. There were patients coming and throwing McDonald's cups are on the way in reeking like booze and cigarettes. And I do like Hey can I kind of talk to them about these lifestyle things. The overseers of that guidance face looked at me and said that's not your job.

06:23 Get them on the machines take their vitals make sure they're taking their pharmaceuticals and don't be surprised if we see them again in six months. The Dibrugarh into this practice the more I realized that mortality rates were deplorable. It was literally no pun intended. Breaking my own heart to go through this program. I would drive home at night crying and it just dawned on me that if I'm wanted to be the change I had to catch people before they were at that point. I do about the DBA and totally derailed myself I think this is not it. And I looked into everything within the occupational therapy physical therapy chiropractic I've a naturopath and traditional Chinese medicine was the Dow it was the path for me. The more I learned the more it made sense. So became an acupuncturist by trade. I also do reiki and sound and crystal healing and all these other really cool modalities.

07:14 But what I found is that working with women guiding them back into their bodies and getting rid of this taboo notion around with the sacredness of birth cycles is so important because when we guide it back into the core of who we are into our existence and into that power behind our periods we can create real change not only in our lives and in ourselves but in those around us it's a lot easier to ride the absence flows as opposed to fighting them or feeling like it's gross or whatever stigma there is around cycles. And that's been so powerful watching this transformation of recalibration around what it means to be a woman.

07:50 I love everything that you just said is resonating with me so hard core.

07:53 I know I told you this a little bit before we started recording but I found out that I have PCOS which is for listeners who don't know polycystic ovary syndrome and they call it a syndrome because there's basically this plethora of symptoms and you could have any one of them.

08:09 And what my doctor that my traditional medicine told me to do was just take a pill and ignore it. And I should feel blessed that the pills are not going to make me deal with the symptoms. But it also is a healing me. I actually did a lot of reading that the pill could actually cause the symptoms that I was experiencing. So I started on this path of wanting to understand and learn my body more and I became frustrated and also grateful for this path because I ended up learning. I knew almost nothing about my body. I was not taught how to be in flow with it. To appreciate my menstrual cycle to listen to my body. And I kind of have this relationship with it where I felt it was a trainee it was an obstacle it was in my way it was holding me back from all of these things when really it's the way that I get to be in the world and move around and there's so much joy and pleasure in being in my body and connected to that. So maybe you can kind of talk about that relationship because I think that's true for a lot a lot of people in general and women especially.

09:13 Totally you know you touched on something really powerful here and this is this concept of birth control being the panacea. Now a lot of women including myself I got birth control at a pretty young age I had some cramps and it's getting to be like in that and being sexually active is not but just put you on birth control you can stay on this your whole life. No big deal. In fact you can even take your pills all the way through and not have your period. And in my mind I'm thinking that doesn't make any sense to me at all. This is something I'm supposed to experience and supposed to have. But I did. I spent a long time on birth control as well and have found that like you mentioned we as women are not empowered to understand what's going on with our bodies.

09:51 We learned very little in sex education and we learn very little in health or Honeck if you even had that school and were not taught how to harness this power because it really is something powerful that we can use. It means that we can give birth like this is literally the war of humanity is in the sacredness of the menstrual cycle. And like you mentioned as well that like a lot of women we feel shame around it we feel stigma around it we feel. GROSS Yeah our body is going through physiological hormonal changes that create dips in serotonin and dopamine and so there's like neuro chemistry and stuff behind all that as well. But I remember in some of my market research I had one of my women that I was talking to told me she quote I feel like a leper when I'm on my cycle and I don't know what to do. I don't know how to talk to my partners or not. That was kind of my no more like this has got to change.

10:44 Give me chills. You are straight.

10:46 How sad is that. Even worse seven out of the 10 women that I talked to my initial market research said sometimes their symptoms were so bad that I really feel like they want to die. I want to crawl under a rock. I want everyone to disappear. I want to disappear and terminology like that just stole my heart in the saddest and most beautiful way that empowered me to go.

11:07 Let's shift this I wanted to mention to you that this being a taboo topic so in this kind of deep dive I'm a total research nerd so I'm the perfect blend of science and well because I have a good background but I can still float around them either as well and in my research I found that the word taboo actually comes from a Polynesian root from tapu or tapu.

11:29 And what that means is that means menstrual blood and it also means sacred and that's too late as we need to really uncover this component of it's not shameful. There's no stigma around this. We as women are all dealing with this and if we can speak about it in an empowered way and talk to our partners about it and do the research to find out what's really going on in our bodies. Because your syndrome my syndrome all my symptoms always symptoms you're facing out there and these can get down to the root of an imbalance and excess a deficiency. Maybe the nutritional component is off so I'm sure in your research for PCOS your blood sugar is huge insulin resistance is huge and as women are not really taught how to take care of some of these things like does that numbers control everything will be fine and that personally is not how I operate as a practitioner. I want to find the root of the problems the core of the things that are creating the branches that we see as the symptoms so that we can really on Earth what's happening inside your body in our Constitution to rebalance you calibrate you and empower your cycle.

12:37 I want to feel empowered on my cycle so I love the idea that I'm wondering at how do we start to shift that perception and that relationship to our cycles and our bodies.

12:48 Yeah I mean the biggest thing is starting to ask questions starting to pay attention to what's going on in your body and starting to ask the questions Why do I feel like this when do I feel like this for all of my sister is the number one thing Eric. Man if you're not already cycle tracking down my flow at that and y f l o the my flow app by Lisa CBT is absolutely amazing. Former acupuncturists as well and just something as simple as tracking your cycle can really create an awareness around going Oh I'm about to start my period next week no wonder I'm feeling a little more introverted. No wonder I don't want to work out as hard and I may feel a little kind of crabby or crummy and sensitive and tender I cry a puppy commercials sometimes you know it's like oh my periods going. And that awareness can create a huge shift just by recognising what's happening that's like step number one.

13:41 Yeah and I think that's important also to recognise that this is directly tied into self awareness and knowing your body being into your body connecting to your body and listening and acting on those messages is self-awareness totally because your body is telling you what it needs.

13:55 I mean women are like I don't get why I feel like there's like I just want to cuddle up and do nothing and I don't want to go to work. How does your body actually encouraging you to take the space and time to become more introspective because there's so much power in our periods that we can harness our intuitive skills. They say the veil between the left and right side of the brain thins around are cycles. So our mental capacity and perception is heightened and our body is asking us to go inwards because we're so intuitive it's going sit down journal drink some tea and get the downloads babe because the universe is providing you this opportunity to reflect it. It's just like the cycles in life right now it's winter in Austin. The leaves have fallen from the trees people are bundled up and snuggly. This is kind of like the similar reflection in our bodies of what it's like to be on her period. It's a downtime it's here for a reason and awareness is everything.

14:58 Yass so for women who identify with what I'm about to say which I'm a recovering business addict I like to say.

15:07 For me my self-worth was derived a lot from how much I could accomplish. Awards accolades you know any second part of my resume was in my mind a direct reflection of how much I was worth and how much I deserved love and attention and all of this things obviously I've been dismantling that as I've built my self awareness and been on this journey and one of the things for me was even if I was feeling like shit on my period before my period after repeat whatever however my cycle was manifesting itself. I would make myself wrong for that and I would. I would see that as a icon on the list of things that make me great great. So have I.

15:45 That feels like a struggle I know there's going to be a lot of women who listen to the show are going to be high achieving women and they're going to be women who want to make a difference in impact and be in the world. So how can they honor that and still hold on to that sense of self.

15:58 Yeah I mean I've heard this story over and over again. I too am very similar. I'm a go getter. I am full of activities and events and meet ups and all these things.

16:08 And what they found is that a lot of women find this to be an inconvenience like you had to deal with this again. It's like well how do you have babies and keep the world like happenings. Let's re associate how we connected with our cycles and what I'm finding is that a lot of women and I've had a couple patients using techniques to make it so they don't have their periods.

16:32 I actually met a woman who had a full on a lesion they can go in and a blade burn off the Endometrial lining so that you don't have a period and mental emotional why she's total basket case because her body is not actually releasing this low. So she is like mentally like having problems she's having like nations with who she is as a person because this flow is actually shedding not only of our physical stuff but emotional and mental stuff as well.

17:03 So when we learn to recalibrate you can actually increase your productivity by riding the ebbs and flows of the cycle. Am I going it's OK to take it a little bit easier right now maybe journaling or doing something on your period. And again I think as we shift into this new paradigm of balancing the masculine and femininity of we're doing in society that it's a lot harder for women because we feel like I got to go I've got to keep doing this I got to keep working and this is not OK for me to feel like that. And on that note I do want to say that you shouldn't feel like complete shit during your cycle either. Like that's her body screaming Yooper messages. Well you know it's like OK a little bit of emotional Ness a little bit of PMO some rest and some mild symptoms are to be expected because like I mentioned progesterone and estrogen and testosterone and hormones are actually fluctuating during this time.

18:01 But I have worked with patients who are like used to be before we started working together like bedridden like coming out both ends like severe cramping like take me home from work I might have to go to the hospital kind of sometimes and it doesn't have to be like that. Those are indicators of imbalances whether it's a stagnation whether it's a deficiency whether you like don't have enough blood or you have too much clot in stagnant blood or maybe there's phlegmatic growths which are the basis I'm using some Chinese and some Western medical terms to describe the crossover here. But whether you're having anemia or blood deficiency or blood stagnation aka clots and endometriosis or kind of this like deep phlegm thing with PCOS.

18:47 Those are all systemic imbalances that are just asking for the right nutrition the right herbs things like castor oil packs and all these tools whose goals of self awareness of self care to support your body because the little bit of symptoms are one thing but if you're like taken down by your period I highly recommend reaching out to a trusted holistic practitioner and getting some support because it doesn't have to be like that.

19:12 It doesn't have to be like that.

19:14 Yeah that's something I just learned it by reading and by research on my PCOS wise. This is probably indicative of x y z in your habits and your lifestyle and so on that no.

19:26 Like I like you mention blood sugar being a big deal so cutting down the sugar not eating dairy not eating copious amounts of wheat. Sure you know things like that. I've noticed a huge difference not only in my mood but also in my skin.

19:43 Yes I am you know losing weight without adding any anything extra to my life so I am still pretty much sedentary in the sense of like my job is sitting at a desk and I do not move as much as I should that's it. That's a progress thing right now for me.

20:00 All that to say if you're someone who does experience is really atrocious cramp experiences really bad migraines vomiting all of that. Where are some of the places you might recommend that they check out or look into.

20:17 Yeah I mean there are a copious amount and yet no resources out there at the same time as I'm sure you've found us and there's a lot of misleading information out there so you know again that my follow up that's going to give you a lot of insights because you go in and you start tracking your symptoms you start tracking what's going on. It has dietary lifestyle brain and like heart recommendations for us that's a really good place to start. Can Reach out to me as well. I have spent a long amount of time and a lot of research and really trying to understand the women's body and and creating programs and protocols and nutritional components and herbal supplements and all of these things because multifaceted approaches are the best. You know of course I refer my patients to their Beguine and their primary care and massage in Cairo and movements and things like that because having a team of healers is one of the best things you can do in your life. You know mind body Green has some pretty good research articles about life why do I feel like this on my period. And you get some really good basic information on the website. But otherwise I would recommend reaching out to an acupuncturist a functional medicine doctor a holistic health expert or a hormone specialist someone along those lines would be me. My top recommendation.

21:38 So does someone like you work with like insurance companies. Or are you just like kind of like a private business kind of thing.

21:47 Yeah. You know the insurance game is a really tricky one. I've been working with the V.A. for the past couple of years in a program that they were giving acupuncture to veterans. It was incredible such an honor. One of the most fulfilling things I've ever done in my career and then under new laws and provisions they've been slowly taking away those benefits. And that's been harder and harder to make it work. And I don't do a lot of insurance just because the way the whole set of Brint now makes it really complicated they're underpaying practitioners you know it's like a middle man kind of thing. But I have a full diagnostic lab as well so I can order all the labs have a 4500 medicinal supplemental herbal pharmacy. So there's everything you need basically under one roof whether it's hormone testing G.I. panels nutritional herbal supplementation and then the body work and the physical work of what we're actually doing in the treatment room and beyond that I've actually created a three month experience to support women and really honing in on what's going on with their bodies how can they change their connection to their cycles.

22:52 Because when we use those capacity everything changes you know like I know the schedule my speaking engagements at the beginning part of my cycle because I'm on then I'm actually able to articulate better my mental capacity and logical capacity fires more efficiently in the first half after my period as opposed to when I'm preparing for a cycle. So little things like that make a really big difference.

23:18 I love that scheduling things around your cycle as a good way to honor where you are and also just building yourself up for success. It's

23:27 a really good strategy and it made me think of some of the myths that we have about women especially around there. There are cycles. Are there any like super prevalent ones that you have to debunk all the time for people.

23:38 Oh my gosh. Yeah I mean when it boils down to it there just like some ridiculous notions about what's happening on in cycles. So what I found in a lot of my research I'm long gone even though the reemergence is happening but there has to be something called the Red Tent and you'll come across this over and over. You go into this research that women actually used to leave the community and go to this really sacred healing space to kind of womb and then to just kind of have an opportunity to go through this cycle and they would get together and they would care for each other and they would eat good food and just be in a really sacred space and the men would actually come to the women because they were so intuitive. They were almost seen as oracles of the time they would go to the women when they were on their cycle because they were so powerful and so intuitive and so just like in that narrow ethereal space that they would ask for the wisdom and the insight and the intuition and then things shifted and you know some organized religion stuff happened and then some patriarchy stuff happened and because women are so powerful that cycle they started being chastised for it.

24:51 So once that ship from goddess down and with God and paganism and they just like honoring the feminine feminine form shifted we started hearing things like your I'm clean your crazy and that's another one. They just like acquired period you're crazy. Women actually weren't allowed in trenches they weren't allowed to cook because they were worried that the blood was going like waves of flu like like you even put your vagina anywhere in your food. Yeah there are. There's the smell of the Curium which you do which is hammer. And then Pliny the Elder like the wrote all of this stuff about how like women could light walk through the forest and flowers were well 10 trees would die when they are menstruating and stuff like that because of one time they saw a woman pick up a bouquet that were two bouquets and she picked up one she was on her period and thought OK died fast or something.

25:46 Did you like that. And I we were talking about this earlier. You know that woman who told me she feels like a leper during her cycle and it's like it doesn't need to be like that. I mean the whole stigma around periods being gross or clean or you know it just it it's so untrue and actually cycles are really beautiful and you know menstrual blood doesn't sting Kleig and so you are trying not to proxy. Now this isn't a gross thing. And there were a lot of rituals around cycles in times past that I think were starting to read romance into our lives now but it's taking a long time to shift because we have a lot of old paradigm to work through to get there.

26:30 Yeah I do. I do.

26:32 On that note after the menstrual light smelling not to be too graphic but that is something that we're taught. You know there's jokes about fish. And like oh here comes this check. You know she smells like that kind of thing.

26:46 And I actually just learned previously because I used I started using vegetal Cup last month and that was the most shocking thing to me because I remember being told that no it's the product of the tampon that's me. It's smell it's the pad it's the whatever. And then I use the carpet thinking oh this is going to just be staying by all these women say it's so wonderful. And it wasn't gross and it didn't smell.

27:10 And I was totally fine with the whole process and I think that's important to keep in mind for people who experience periods and people who don't live with somebody who has a period to know. It's not like nasty gross smelly bloody thing I think. And I want to say particularly probably for Western men they have in their mind that it's just like this like back then that is like pounds of blood. But really it's like it's just a few ounces. It's really not much.

27:40 And once upon a time that was offered back to the earth because there are so much nutrients actually in this and so these rituals are starting to come back now and women are using this and bringing it back to the earth because it's all a cycle. The earth is a cycle our bodies are a cycle. So it really learning how to honor that is huge. And it doesn't have to be gross it really is. And so I mean you know that whole way what's happening and men not feeling comfortable about it all it takes is a conversation learning how to communicate with our partners is the most important thing in the world just as a ham and a tender place right now. Can you build space for me.

28:20 I can be lovingly call it Shark Week the week right before our cycle got sent home. My friends my family my partner they know a little bit sure we give them like they bring Diana chocolate. How did they get the OK. Just give her chocolate and be extra I guess.

28:34 You know and it's not that big of a deal if we learn how to talk about it. That's really what it boils down to. I mean I'm talking about this kind of stuff is essential because it's normal Yeah.

28:48 And I want to I do want to mention two women who are partnered with cis man that I personally I'm I'm with this man and he originally was like really kind of about all of that. And once I expressed that that did make me feel good about myself and that I needed to be able to talk to him about what's happening with my body when it's happening. He responded really well. If the person loves you they want to show up for you. They want to provide for you they want to keep you feeling safe. So it's not this horrible thing to just say hey here's how my body works and I'm starting to track it and I would love if I could just share with you. Hey three days before my period I really need snuggles and figure out how to make that work.

29:32 I'll tell you right now there's nothing that is a bigger turnoff or a red flag for me personally than a man who can't have some type of conscious awareness from a cycle that comes up and the dude like you. GROSS We're probably not going to go on a second or third or whatever amount of day like if they can't open up a dialogue about what this means or they're like really about it. It's going to instantly make me feel like OK you're probably not the person for me because I have to deal with this every month. And consequently if you're my partner you're going to have to deal with it until it goes through menopause too. And it shouldn't even be something we deal with like I'm using air quotes right now.

30:09 This should not be something that we deal with like this should be something that we're like celebrating you know and that leads me to think about this concept to talk about Abott whether we really intentionally recognize what's happening during our period subconsciously like Primal essence why as we're grieving because physiologically we're grieving that we're not with the child because back when it was survival of the fittest. Every time you got your period that meant you were not procreating for society and procreating for life. And so subconsciously there's part of us that's actually grieving that loss even though right now we might be celebrating for those of us who are not ready to be pregnant are like oh thank goodness you know there is a component of actual unintentional grieving because the natural form of the woman has to have a baby. And when you're having your period you know. So something to keep in mind to just be extra tender with yourselves.

31:08 Yeah I'm actually wondering so for women who you know are choosing not to have children or can't have children physiologically how can they still honor or recognize that that's what they're built for and not attach. I think sometimes you attach your uterus like the value of it is only to howsomever human life.

31:26 Yeah which is way beyond that. I mean our uterus or in Chinese medicine we call it the Chaum the Chong's space. It's the it's the Sacred Chalice it really is even though it is like the seed of life. It's also like womb was to me you know a lot of feminine insight comes from tapping into her womb space and even just something as simple as placing both your hands over your lower abdomen and just telling your wombs base I love you.

31:53 I'm listening because our body is constantly sharing messages with us for our evolution for the evolution of others. And if you can just telling your body and love you.

32:03 I'm listening even if you're not trying to procreate you're creating a deeper connection with your physiology with your mental capacity with your emotions and you can use that as a part of your like fierce feminine fire not necessarily like Oh I'm I'm a baby is but like I am woman hear me roar. I am here in this feminine beauty and I am just shining that's not so power.

32:28 Yeah I really like that a lot. I'm actually wondering I know you probably don't too often work with like trans men who you know they were born with a uterus and now they're moving into a space where it feels like having a womb is inherently not who they are. Have you ever come across that or thought about their conversations about it.

32:49 It's actually incredible that you would bring that up on this topic. I've had a very deep connection with a dear friend of mine who is in transition actually as we speak and you know beautiful androgynous woman like never felt connected to her female body and had for most of their life felt more inclined towards you know being a lesbian at the time. And then eventually decided that they just were so not embodied as a woman that they were in the middle of transition and it was amazing working with this friend of mine because he has gone through such a beautiful story with working through testosterone supplementation and actually feeling the feminine side of his body transitioning like feeling like thunderbolts and lightning like shock waves of energy working through that side as he recalibrates into a more masculine and it's interesting because we're in a very different time and era right now where that's possible.

33:54 And there is what they found recently was there is a genetic encoding so the DNA helix is actually a forestry and Helix not a two strand helix. And in this encoding you can have not only X Y and X X but you can x x x y x y x y y Yakunin how are combinations so you can have a male and a male body a female and a female body a male and a female body and a female and a male's body like someone who actually identifies energetically mentally and physiologically as a man not necessarily trapped but as a man in a woman's body and so supporting that type of community and that type of transition is so powerful because the awareness of self is huge and when you can go look I want to make this change for my own being. I mean I'm in full support so as my friend you know we did some treatments are actually traveling right now and about to undergo some some surgical repair and some surgical transmissions and changes and that's like you know awesome good for you. Just hope everyone really sits with what that word means because our body while it does contain us does not necessarily define us.

35:07 So even if you don't feel necessarily connected to your one's bedside maybe there's some work to be done around that maybe there's some healing to be done around that because we don't have to be stuck in the box of like I'm a woman I have a woman that's the only expression I have or I'm a man or want to be a man.

35:25 And you know it really it matters but it also doesn't because your heart and soul is your heart and soul. You know I had people telling my transition friend I feel like I'm losing the person you were just ignorant.

35:41 And if you still to be the same person I'm a love you just the same and you're my sister or my brother.

35:46 Like I don't care either. How so.

35:48 Really blowing the lid off on that whole thing is going to be really important to just support the shifting community and it made me think of something really interesting. I had one of my most unique cases this year.

36:01 And she comes in and she kind wishes like I want to work on her how got something really unique and she comes into my clinic and she's a calm the tale of two uteruses. She has two of everything just two uteruses two sets of fallopian tubes and in her virginal.

36:17 Now there's actually a septum that splits so I think maybe I've actually heard that the energy train or something like that and I had never heard of that before and like well you know they don't really teach us about this in grad school but let's dive in and I was realistic with her. I said I can't guarantee any results beyond I can help you regulate your cycle because consequently she was having two periods that I will help you regulate your cycle and we're talking about fertility. And doctors have made her feel broken and like she needed surgery and you are never going to have a baby.

36:47 And all this stuff now.

36:48 And I said You're not broken you need to be fixed and I'd highly recommend finding a specialist who's actually worked with these types of cases to really tell you whether or not you're able to conceive. Because in my mind physiologically everything's intact just twice. So you might be able to have like identical fraternal twins or something unique but I don't see why you can't have a baby. And we she follow my protocol to everything I recommended to ashfall to a T and I said three to six months minimum more likely six to 12 in a month and a half her cycle regulated one and a half months. Wow. Her cycle regulated instantly. We've been working together now for I think about five months. She has regular cycles only one a month. No breakthrough bleeding very mild regular people. That's in the past she got of birth control and broke out like a teenager like her whole face.

37:41 And I know they like right there and they're acting crazy for weeks the land until I rebalanced but she hasn't had anything like that happened because we got her off the birth control aren't nutritional supplementation and she's like I didn't even ever think this was possible. And that's been a huge honor being part of her journey and like celebrating her.

38:02 She just got married was beautiful and you know she did she found another specialist and the specialist actually has the same condition and has a baby.

38:11 Oh my god surgery. Synchronicity is so fucking cool.

38:15 So Soga. So it's just an honor being a part of journeys like that and realizing that anything is possible in the world of health and wellness. We ,need to listen. Ask the right questions and tap into our awareness.

38:28 Love that the last episode that I did I interviewed my uncle actually who consequently does a lot of stuff of science he was talking about the genetics and how we have the power to change how our genes are being expressed and that that is something that you do pass on to your children.

38:45 And so I think that all of this is really important to heal in yourself whether you have a period or you don't have a period. Healing how we perceive them how are we communicate with each other inside of all of those things.

39:03 We can literally set up our offspring and their offspring and their offspring generations to come by fixing this inside yourself or with your partner or whoever. By doing that you're actually having such a huge impact that your I mean you'll never really see that it's that whole butterfly. FLATOW

39:22 Yeah it really is on us you know because we get to be that change. And I love the art of epigenetics. I was reading a study not too long ago they found in rat models that it's for teen generations of genetic and printing that is on our DNA. So they had like created a stress trigger and tracked this marker and they found that 14 sets of offspring actually still experience the remnants of that traumatic experience. That being said like your uncle probably unheard only I think about they say 10 per cent chance of our full genetics like that's how much genetics actually play a role and what we express because we get to choose it has a way more to do with diet lifestyle nutrition thought process and mindset. And we can change not only our physiology we can change our psychology. We can change our interpersonal relationships. I really teach women how to harness their cycles and master their months so that they know what's going on when's a good time to like Brockett and business when is a good time to get creative. When is it better to journal and you know have a bubble bath and eat chocolate. Because these are all parts of the ebb and flow of the universe of the world of the month of the week. So really harnessing that can create huge shifts in US and in the ripple effect of what we create the world.

40:43 And I I want to honor that you're giving yourself so much permission to just be you authentically and show up and that and that can completely change your entire life totally.

40:54 I want to like create a petition. I don't know if there is a way you know how we like national holidays or people they vote on like how many sick days we get a month.

41:03 I think that we should get a period a day that would be me once a month or should get at least one day where it's like you don't have to do anything if you don't want to.

41:13 You can call out sick for PTO or whatever and just have your one day of like hey like I need to take care of my body and just like I think there should be a mental health day too like those could be kind of an overlap creating space because we can use them. And we can really be unapologetically ourselves in our in our period power.

41:33 Yeah well I mean the good news is a lot of people now like you and I we're starting our own things in our own businesses and we have more of a balance of yeah we're we're here to get work done and to effect change and also your lives and love and be in relationship and enjoy ourselves and this you know short period of time that we have.

41:53 So I'm I'm hopeful that somewhere millennial and all the people inside of that community can start to think about the stakes when they're setting up their businesses their enterprises all that stuff.

42:04 And it's so important to really get to the core of what you're why you know and and how can we utilize our skills and capacities. Because I mean sex education is again deplorable and I can only imagine for millennials 9 and my 30 so even back then it was hard one I'm sure it hasn't gotten to much better. And it takes this type of experience these type of podcasts and going in through our own like syndromes and diagnoses. Unfortunately a lot of people find me as a last resort and I think that that's going to change in the next couple of years that more and more people are waking up to like oh I don't have to go get a full hysterectomy at 25 years old because of endometriosis. I have a friend who literally does not have the parts because she had endometriosis and that was the doctor's answer to take it out take it up like I almost cried when she told me that.

42:57 Yeah I actually hear I had posted something on Instagram about hey what are your recommendations for this symptom that I'm experiencing with my PCOS I had to do with my skin. You know what are some natural ways that you're managing. Because I am going to get out of control. And I had a woman just come in there and talk about how she's going to selectively remove her uterus because she's so terrified of uterine cancer.

43:21 And I just kept thinking you don't actually have the cancer though if you have the cancer that's a completely different conversation. But if you don't have it there are things you can do to set yourself up to create the odds in your favor. But she's going to traditional Western she's not I just love that you're honoring this crossover. There's wisdom and western and there's wisdom in Eastern and we can live in our culture in society today and have both. We're so blessed we can choose both things.

43:50 And I believe the integration of these types of medicine is the only way. There is no one right answer. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of that and for many things. And there are a lot of things I'm kind of like like how about we keep that uterus in there and just give you like Zhao Galon which is you know an anti carcinogenic how about we actually just work on your uterine health and it blows my mind to see how many people and how many women go through things like that where. We bodywork a lot of options and if you don't know how to ask the questions or how to seek second or possibly even third opinions that I mean something like getting your uterus removed.

44:31 They probably aren't even telling her about what the side effects are of getting it removed because she will spend the rest of her life battling with hormonal imbalances. When you get that part of your body removed it creates a cascade of other issues. The adrenals attacks the thyroid gets taxed the pituitary. It basically screws up the whole conduction system because all of these body parts talk to each other. They're all in one being. They all have connections and so when you remove something as central as your uterus it can ultimately create another of long term problems that they may or may not tell you about if you know.

45:06 Yes I think that's just symptomatic of suicidally compartmentalizing everything.

45:13 Even you had touched on it several times about our cycles and our emotions. And in a patriarch arc can never say that it's a backwardly in the patriarchy. You are taught to you know your logical mind is you know supreme and reason and logic are the only ways to make decisions which is a lie. And on top of that that teaches you to disregard your emotions. And I think women who have. Everybody has the capacity to feel things really deeply. Women intrinsically because of hormones and all these things stressed it's more present and and can feel more overwhelming especially in a cycle. And so we're taught that those are bad things and you can't be the CEO of this fortune 500 company if you are admitting that you feel sad sometimes right.

46:01 I think one of the biggest disconnects in modern medicine was the separation of mind body and I will say that until the end of time that we did ourselves a huge disservice by pulling mental health and physical health or physiological health out of the same around of treatment.

46:17 The fact that you can't get counseling or therapy or things like that with most entrances and that they're not even looking at the emotional components with things like cancer or things like Parkinson's or all of these kind of like neurological deficit or emotional holding kind of components and it really does take the shift of integration going. There's power in a lot of what the Western world can do and if we can really use that with more eastern models and more holistic more functional models that is where the true healing will happen. I mean I guarantee you we have cures for the incurables if we could just like stop bickering amongst ourselves and just work to get there. And we're seeing it. I mean there are acupuncturists in a modern day hospitals and Western hospitals more and more prevalent in cancer care centers. So it's starting.

47:10 But like I went to China about three and a half months in Southeast Asia and studied with the monks in the mountains and the physicians and the hospitals and when did that whole experience. And there are hospitals there. I mean it's one hospital but there is an acupuncture Ward and there's a main like Western medical ward. So like the stroke victims you get through your stroke you go right to the acupuncture word immediately following your stroke. Once you're through the Emet and stable and acupuncture is your had and then they have a whole herbal and pharmaceutical pharmacy and everything's in one space. You do it all and it's just ultimate healing really really powerful Xylem last hour. Yes.

47:49 Yes. Thank you so much Diana. This has been an absolutely wonderful conversation we really appreciate it.

47:55 Great likewise it's been a pleasure. And if you want to know more you're welcome to follow me on Facebook. Diane Lane or you can check out the sacred cycles of Sister great in and out. All of your links. Great pleasure.

48:13 There you go. That's our episode on menstrual cycles. Thank you for listening to the entire thing. You are a chap. Thank you for playing your role in stigmatizing my body and half of the population's body. We appreciate it.

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