Liv teaches you how to connect with your gut by using the “Hell, yeah!” trick.

There is a lot of noise around you. Whether it’s people in your life, at work, social media, the news, or your pets, all the demands on your time and attention can leave you feeling disconnected and confused. To the point you aren’t even sure which way is up anymore.

The easiest way to gain clarity in a noisy world is to connect with your gut.

By gut, I mean that place inside yourself that knows the answer. The place that sometimes feels hard to find but is always there, waiting for you to check in. For some, that might literally be in your stomach area. For others, it may be in your chest, your head, or even your toes.

In this SAM Quick Tip, I’ll teach you a method I use to not only connect with my gut but cultivate a mind + body connection that makes it much easier for me to make decisions. Especially when the world won’t shut up long enough for me to think!

Listen to this episode to learn how I use the “Hell, yeah!” technique to make quicker, more authentic decisions using my intuition.

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[00:23] Hey, hey, welcome to self-aware millennial, the podcast for people seeking a joyously authentic life. I'm Liv Haden, your host, and today is going to be a quick tip on how do you connect with your gut. Now you've probably heard people say it was a gut feeling and you've probably had these moments where you're like, I don't know how I know I just have this feeling and other times it can feel a little ambiguous and tough to understand what that means and how to connect to that. Really what people are saying is they feel really connected to their deep inner knowing about how they feel about something or what the answer is to something. I am a firm, firm, firm believer that we all have all the answers we need inside of us. The trick is learning to listen to ourselves and figuring out how to best connect to that answer, so that does take practice.

[01:20] We live in a really noisy world. We're not taught how to stay connected to ourselves and most of us, if not all of us get taught to be concerned with listening to other people, not listening to ourselves. Conforming is such a huge thing in our culture, and to do that, a lot of times you have to shut yourself up, which is extremely unhealthy and part of all this self awareness is getting back to that connection with yourself. So I have a fun, easy, quick way that you can start to kind of cultivate that knowing and check in with yourself and begin practicing. Some of you may have heard the, you know, say no. If it's not a hell yes, I'm not a fan of that principle as a generalization. I don't think that's something that should be applied to all things. I think the world and our decisions are more nuanced and contextual than to just say don't do anything.

[02:17] That's not a hell yeah. However, that construct is really helpful to get you checked in to your quote unquote gut feelings. Um, I think another reason that people say it's a gut feeling is a lot of people will feel it in their sacral or their solar plexus center. So those are the Chakras in your torso. Solar plexus is kind of like above your belly button, and then your sacral Chakra is basically where your stomach is. However, that might not be the case for you. You might feel your gut feeling somewhere besides your gut. I tend to get like tingly sensations around my ears and in the crown of my head, which is just the top of my head. And then other times actually get them in my root Chakra, which is basically around your pelvis area. You may or may not get your feelings. They're part of this will be for you to check into that.

[03:08] And again, this is based on the idea that your body doesn't have autonomy. It doesn't get to decide where it feels things and if it feels things, it just feels to them and it responds directly to your kind of thought patterns. And it can't lie to you. The way that your brain can, like your brain will automatically try to assign meaning to something your body doesn't. Your body just is. So here's the basic idea and concept. Whenever a choice comes your way, your job is to pause for a moment and feel if it's a hell yes or not. Now to get an idea of what hell feels like. Think about some of the things that you would absolutely say Yes to whether it was hell or high water, you're going to do it. For example, for me, if someone said, you have an opportunity to be a guest judge on Ru Paul's drag race, I would first go, I'm completely unqualified, and then I would go, I'm doing it.

04:09 There would be absolutely, absolutely no way in hell I am not showing up to that or taking advantage of that. I am doing it. I don't care what's happening in my life. I just don't care. I'm doing it. That's a hell yeah for me. There's no way I'm not. So when I think of the hell yeah, my face typically gets a little warm. I can't not smile. I automatically smile, my arms get really animated and I tend to feel, feel it probably around my chest area, like probably right on top of my heart, which that's your heart Chakra. So that's not surprising. That's something that I love, so of course I would feel it there. So just think about some of those things and let yourself remember. You've had this experience so many times, even if you're not feeling it presently, you can remember just by thinking about it and maybe even saying it out loud to somebody.

[05:02] You can remember how that felt. I specifically recommend doing this with tiny, small, everyday mundane things. One of my favorite recommendations and practices is to do this at restaurants, especially restaurants that you love or that have so many choices. You're always like, I don't know what to get. So basically if you're going to do this at a restaurant, you're going to go through and you're going to do your, you know, analytical, mental scan of things. You're gonna go, oh, this and this. I know I like this. I know I don't like this. This dish looks good based on the ingredients. This dish looks good based on the ingredients, blah, blah, blah, whatever you're doing, and then when you narrow it down to you know, whatever ones you're stuck on, whatever are the number of things that you're juggling between because you're like, ah, should I get this or this or this?

[05:52] Try to sit with yourself and remember, your brain isn't you. Your brain is a tool, so don't let your brain talk anymore. Once it's narrowed, once it's done its job and narrow things down, try to stop your brain. Now, obviously you can't stop your brain actually, but all you're doing is just going, okay, my brain is just a tool it can check out of this because what you want to do is check into your body. If you've ever actually, if you've ever meditated, this idea isn't new you; actual you is inside using the brain and so you just want to recognize that separation. Once you've got it narrowed down, take a deep breath, this deep breaths just to center you in your body because you've been in your head scanning the menus, so now you want to get back into your body, so take a deep breath, take as many as you need.

[06:44] I recommend in through your nose, out through your mouth, and then focus on one item, so one of the few that you have left and ask yourself, do I really want this for dinner? If the answer isn't hell yes, move to the next item and ask yourself, do I really want this for dinner? If the answer isn't hell, yes, move on, and then you do that until you get to hell. Yeah. Now, if you have identified where are your gut reactions manifest in your body, place a hand on that spot. When you're asking the question, it can just help you anchor yourself to the space. So for me, I would put it on my chest. I would take a deep breath. Okay. Do I really want chicken Tacos for dinner? No. Oh, okay. Okay. Move to the next thing. Inevitably, you'll just start noticing your gut response, whether you're doing it on purpose or not, and no doubt you'll sometimes agree to things that aren't a hell yeah, but the difference is now you can recognize, recognize that you can now see, okay, this was a hell yeah, this was a "eh" this was a no.

[07:45] So that's kind of the basic idea there. Just to recap and summarize very succinctly, the say "no" if it's not a "hell yeah!" quick tip is to think about things that you would definitely say yes to things that would make you outrageously happy. Check in with yourself to see where you feel those in your body, how your body responds to that. What does a hell yes, I feel like in your body, once you feel comfortable that you can identify that and you can go through several scenarios of things that make you outrageously happy. Once you've identified where you feel it in your body, the next time you go out to dinner or you need to make a selection from a menu or something of that nature, take a deep breath and ask yourself for each of the items you're debating between, do I want to do this one?

[08:39] Feel inside your body where you feel outrageously happy and check for the hell yeah, you can place your hand on that spot of your body if that helps you. Stay anchored and rooted to that space. Just keep practicing that. At first it's going to feel really weird or you might some sense of embarrassment. If you just explain it to the people around you that you're just checking in with yourself to see if you really want it. You're trying to be better a better decision maker. Hopefully they respect that. If they don't note that in your mental Rolodex. At some point this season, we're going to talk about discernment and the types of people that you should be spending your time with, so put that in your mental Rolodex for that episode and just note, this person was not respectful of me in this way. However, there are many things that are going to make you feel uncomfortable when you first do them.

[09:30] The more you do them, the better you're going to get at them, the more comfortable they're going to feel, so I really urge you to push through the discomfort. If this isn't something you normally do, if you don't normally connect to your body or your intuition like this, be okay being uncomfortable. You're going to be so uncomfortable during this entire self awareness practice of yours that just get comfortable with discomfort and know that comfort is just on the other side of that and things 10 times more important and greater and better than comfort are just on the other side of the discomfort. Thank you so much for listening to this quick tip. I hope that you found it helpful and I will talk to you next week. Remember, I love you and I like you.

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