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“It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are.”


S2:E13 // Dear Perfectionists, Please Listen

In this week's episode, I interview mindset coach and host of the Perfectionism Project, Sam Laura Brown all about the downfalls of perfectionism and how you can start breaking free from its vicious cycle. Listen to this episode if you're a perfectionist, think you might be, or know someone who is, so you can begin recognizing destructive patterns and behaviors in your life.  Listen
SAM Season 2 Episode 13 Dear Perfectionists, Please Listen with Sam Laura Brown

S2:E12 // Your Relationship With Money

Like it or not, money is a huge part of your life. It's the source of a lot of joy while also being one of the top reasons people get divorced. If you're like me, you walked into your adult life with a lot of debt, minimal income, and no clue how to handle it. Listen to my interview with my CPA, Roderick Robeson, for practical advice on how to manage your money better and start getting out of debt. Listen
SAM Season 2 Episode 12 Your Relationship with Money

S2:E11 // Forget New Year’s Resolutions

Listen to this episode to hear Liv's case for ditching resolutions and adopting intentions. We'll also get into how to build sustainable self-worth and why moving from external validation to internal permission is crucial for Millennials and future generations. Listen
SAM Season 2 Episode 11 Forget Your Resolutions

S2:E10 // The Taboo of Menstruation

Half the world has a menstrual cycle, yet this topic feels more like a shameful secret than a healthy body process. I speak with Holistic Health Expert, Diana Lane, about how that stigma started, why it's detrimental to everyone (not just people with cycles), and how de-stigmatizing and connecting with this cycle fosters self-awareness and self-love. Listen
S2:E10 // The Taboo of Menstruation

S2:E8 // Celebrate Everything

If you’re super goal-oriented, it can be hard to see the trees when the forest is so immense. You're always so focused on the big picture, the little things get tossed to the wayside. When you discount the victories along the way, you make it almost impossible to celebrate the big wins! In this episode, Liv explains why celebrating the small victories along the way is an integral part of living your most authentic, joy-filled life. Listen
SAM Season 2 Episode 8 Celebrate Everything

S2:E7 // Battling Self-Judgment with Riley Blanks

Liv gets advice from the founder of Woke Beauty, Riley Blanks, on how to win the battle with self-judgment. We all struggle with self-judgment. That inner voice that tells us all sorts of self-defeating and self-sabotaging things. When you want to make more money,...

SAM Season 2 Episode 7 Battling Self-Judgment with Riley Blanks

S2: Quick Tip // Connect With Your Gut

In this SAM Quick Tip, I'll teach you a method I use to not only connect with my gut but cultivate a mind + body connection that makes it much easier for me to make decisions. Especially when the world won't shut up long enough for me to think! Listen
Self-Aware Millennial Season 2 Quick Tip on How to Connect with Your Gut [photo: a black man with a backward hat and tank top sits and eats frozen yogurt]

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