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“It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are.”


S3:E1// What is Human Design? with Aycee Brown

I talk to Human Design expert, Aycee Brown, about what Human Design is and how you can use it to follow your life's purpose and know yourself better. What is Human Design? It's a powerful tool that combines the I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics. By learning about your Human Design aura type, you can unlock your full potential and take the guesswork out of who you are, why you're here, and how to make it happen!

SAM Season 3 Episode 1 What is Human Design_ with Aycee Brown Header

Season 3 Welcome Back + The Body Love Letter Meditation

Season 3 is going to be SPICY, and it all kicks off with a LIVE coaching session between my coach/guide/mentor, Keith Paolino, and I. That's right — you're going to see me vulnerable, exposed, and at the mercy of someone else in real-time. Why? So you can see what good coaching looks like, and to bring things into perspective and reality: just because I have this podcast and my life looks a certain way online, I am no different than you. No better, no stronger, no more capable.

I'm out here trying to get my shit together, just like you.

Plus, I introduce a new feature of the podcast: guided meditations! Meditation has proven to be one of the most powerful and important tools in my toolbox, so I want to share the different styles and methods I've learned so you can experiment and see what fits for you. Stay tuned until the end of the episode for my Body Love Letter Guided Meditation.

SAM Season 3 Episode 0 Header

S2:E24 // FINALE: What’s Your Why?

To wrap the season, I call us back to the Map of Consciousness from episode 1, invite you to investigate your "Why?" in life, and fill you in on what's coming in season 3.

SAM Season 2 Episode 24 Season Finale What's Your Why_

S2:E23 // Sovereignty and Power with Nisha Moodley

Finally, my infamous mentor, Nisha Moodley joins me for an intriguing discussion about personal sovereignty and power! As Nisha discusses the ways power has been distorted by society and its systems, she calls us back to true, authentic power — the kind that can't be taken away and that truly sets us free. No matter which way you slice it, this conversation is important and has the ability to true catalyze a change in perspective.

SAM Season 2 Episode 23 Sovereignty and Power with Nisha Moodley

S2:E22 // Coming Out with Ricky Murray

In this episode, I chat with my friend and co-worker, Ricky Murray, about how self-awareness played a role in his coming out story, and how coming out played a role in his self-awareness journey. Ultimately, this interview reinforced my belief that when 1 of us does the work, it gives more of us permission to be ourselves — free and joyful!

SAM Season 2 Episode 22 Coming Out with Ricky Murray

S2:E21 // “Seriousness” Break ft. The Reel Nerds Podcast

Life too seriously leads to misery. As much as everything matters, it also doesn't if your quality of life totally sucks! You won't be effective or joyful, and if you're neither, what's the point of working at all? Let's take a seriousness break and enjoy my interview on the Reel Nerds podcast from DCC18. We chat about my writing, finding inspiration, fun sci-fi things we like, and other nerdy stuff! 

S2:E20 // Get Your Joy On (the book!)

This episode is special to me because it marks the release of my book, Get Your Joy On™: Unleash Joy In Your Life, One Small Action at a Time. Not only is this book my offering of love, wisdom, and courage to you, it's a huge marker in my life's journey for how far I've come. Please enjoy the first few chapters of the book!

SAM Season 2 Episode 20 Get Your Joy On

S2:E19 // The Good Girl Problem with Kimberly Pendleton, PhD

Being a "good girl" means following the rules and doing what society dictates is "right" or "appropriate." When these created constructs of who we "should be" go unquestioned, it leads to internal conflict, self-blame, self-hate, anger, and outward violence. Join me in my conversation with Kimberly Pendleton, PhD, all about the problem with the good girl construct and how this affects us all, not just women.

SAM Season 2 Episode 19 The Good Girl Problem with Kimberly Pendleton

S2:E18 // Let’s Talk About Sex with Kelsey Scotka

I sit down with a new friend, Kelsey Scotka, and candidly talk about all the ways in which bringing self-awareness to our sex lives has been a game changer. The biggest secret we uncover? Sex isn't really just sex — it's a full-body, whole-spirit experience that has enormous potential to teach you who you are, what you want, and how to advocate for yourself.

SAM Season 2 Episode 18 Let's Talk About Sex with Kelsey Scotka

S2:E17 // Learning from Shame

I discuss the consciousness level of Shame, how it's showed up for me, what to do when you experience it, and an action step you can take right now to break free from it. This goes back to our discussion in episode 1 of this season about Dr. David Hawkins' Power v Force scale (Map of Consciousness). 

SAM Season 2 Episode 17 Learning From Shame

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